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COOKIES – Dzerve Jewellery

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Our webshop (www.dzervejewellery.com) uses cookies to remember settings. We also use cookies to improve our web shop and show you the right texts and content on our website at the right time.

A cookie is a small file that we place on your computer. In this file we can save settings and data from you. Without such a file we can not remember any settings and remember the contents of your shopping cart when you return to our store at a later date. Because we remember these settings, shopping in our webshop is much easier and more user-friendly. The data in our cookies can only be read by ourselves and Google. Google also places a cookie when you visit our website. Below you will find information about these cookies from Google.

Cookies are used by almost all websites in the world and are not dangerous for your computer.


Overview of used cookies:


Why these cookies?

Through the statistics package of Google Analytics we collect (anonymised) data about the surfing behavior on our website. This way we can see which pages are viewed a lot, which pages are not clear and through which search terms our visitors end up with us. We need this information to make good decisions about our website. You can compare this with a shopkeeper who counts how many products are sold and to adjust his offers.

Not desirable?

Do not you want your click behavior to be tracked? Then you can download a browser plugin from the Google website to prevent this. This institution then applies to all websites that you visit, not just for dzervejewellery.com. You can download the browser plugin here.



Why these cookies?

Many websites display advertisements via the Google network. If you visit

dzervejewellery.com, a cookie is placed that can be used by Google to show you advertisements that match your interests. It is therefore possible that Google, because of the cookie, shows you an advertisement from

dzervejewellery.com. Without the cookie you would also have seen an advertisement, but randomly and not based on your interests.

Not desirable?

Learn more about disabling "ads based on your interests" on this page from Google.



Why these cookies?

The shopping cart cookie remembers which products are in your shopping cart. Without this cookie you can not order products or put them in your shopping cart.

Not desirable?

Without this cookie, the web store will no longer function completely.


The use of cookies is of great importance for the proper running of our webshop. Some cookies are essential for offering our shopping cart functionality, but also cookies of which you do not immediately see the effect (such as Google Analytics) are very important to us. Without your anonymous input we have no picture of our visitors and the use of the website. We therefore appreciate it very much if you do not disable these cookies.